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A weed is defined as any plant growing in the wrong place ie where it is not wanted. Even in the most well managed turf weeds will find a way in , be they from seed blown.....more details


If moss is present in your lawn it is a symptom that conditions are not favourable for the growth of healthy grass. Using a moss treatment in isolation is not sufficient and the best way....more details

Lawn Pests

There are a whole host of pests which can cause problems in your lawn. Some are commonplace and whilst a nuisance do not represent a threat to lawn health. There are others however which if left untreated can cause serious damage to turf....more details

Common Lawn Diseases

There are a number of lawn diseases, often fungal conditions, that can arise and afflict otherwise healthy lawns. Some are brought about by weather conditions but they are largely a symptom of something else either present or lacking in the grass plant....more details