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Applying lawn fertlisers to your lawn is about much more than making your grass greener – it is also about keeping it healthy and resistant to drought and disease.  Each of the fertilisers that is applied by Midlands Lawn Care as part of your lawncare programme will contain the appropriate balance of NPK to ensure the grass plant has the nutrients it needs throughout the year.

The vast majority of our fertilisers are granular, slow release fertilisers that will release nutrient over a 6-12 week period dependent upon the type of fertiliser applied, the time of year and the prevailing weather conditions. Occasionally a liquid fertiliser may be applied. As well as having the correct NPK mix the fertiliser will also contain additional elements such as iron at certain times of the year to combat moss growth etc. Most of the fertilisers applied will be organic and will therefore not scorch the lawn during drier spells – they also will not require watering in after application if there is no rainfall.

The NPK referred to is the balance of nitrogen, phosphates and potash within all fertiliser. These are the key elements for healthy and strong plant growth. The balance of each will change throughout the year as the weather conditions change and the grass plants needs alter.

The nitrogen is necessary for the production of rich green and vigorous turf – high nitrogen is essential in spring and summer feeds. Phosphates aid vigorous growth of the root system such that growth starts earlier in the spring and growth of side shoots is strong in the autumn. The potash will help to harden the grass plant and make it less susceptible to drought and disease.

Typically a lawn care programme carried out by Midlands Lawn Care will consist of four or five feeds per annum to help provide effective weed control throughout the year.