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The range of styles, types and sizes of lawn mowers available can be somewhat bewildering. For general ease, convenience and good results on your ‘average’ size lawn we would nearly always recommend a petrol driven rotary mower with collecting box. As the lawn size increases you will need to consider buying a larger machine with a bigger cutting width. Petrol driven rotary mowers generally range from a blade size of 16” (41cms) to 22” (56cms).Lawn Mower

The smaller the machine the lighter and more manouverable it is likely to be but this could be at the expense of the time taken to mow the lawn. The larger rotary machines tend to be self propelled. You will also have the choice of a four wheeled type or a cylinder mower with a rear roller. The decision here is purely one of personal preference – a cylinder mower is generally more expensive and heavier but will give the striped finish that many people prefer. It also has the benefit of enabling you to mow closer to the edge of borders and  beds etc.

As with any significant purchase you generally get what you pay for and it is probably more economical in the long run to invest in a slightly more expensive model at the outset. There are many different well known brands available such Honda, Hayter etc etc

Key to the effectiveness and longevity of any mower is to have the blades sharpened and the mower cleaned and serviced at the end of each year.

There are other considerations other than area of lawn that will influence the size and type of mower such as shape, terrain and finish required. A general guide is;

  • for small lawns of less than 50m2 an electric powered rotary mower will probably suffice but look out for the hazards of electric cables, the ability to alter the height of the blade and the ability to collect the clippings
  • for large lawns ie in excess of 750-1000m2 a ride on mower may be more feasible however it is worth bearing in mind that they are probably more effective on regular shaped lawns than ones with many beds and will not generally give as neat a finish as a good quality pedestrian cylinder mower
  • for lawned areas with steep banks and less accessible areas the best bet may prove to be a hover mower
  • for a top quality finish there is in our minds however little to better a good quality petrol driven cylinder mower. They are however relatively expensive to maintain and certainly more effective on shorter grass and flatter terrain.

In reality most customers with larger gardens will not have a single mower to perform all of the necessary tasks but will have several mowers to accomodate the different tasks required for different areas and terrains.

In short, as in most things in life, it is about having the right tool for the job.