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Most lawns in the UK will have moss present even if only in small, localised areas. It is important to recognise that moss is a symptom of, rather than the cause of, a poor lawn or area of poor turf. Treating the moss initially is therefore part of the treatment but it is more important to understand the cause and treat that effectively.

A more detailed explanation as to what moss is and why it develops is written under Common Lawn Problems, Moss.

Regular treatments as part of a lawn care programme carried out by Midlands Lawn Care will provide the turf management necessary to both understand and treat the causes of moss so as to control it more effectively and permanently. Appropriate feed treatments containing iron during the spring and autumn and aeration to improve drainage are part of this management. Midlands Lawn Care will also advise our customers on mowing heights or cutting back overhanging branches or shrubs that may also contribute to the presence of moss.