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The often repeated mantra mow high, often and with sharp blades.Mowing The Lawn

Keeping your grass a bit longer will produce a stronger, healthier plant with fewer problems caused by pests and disease. Longer grass also has more leaf surface to take in a greater level of sunlight. This enables it to grow thicker and develop a deeper root system, which in turn helps the grass survive drought, tolerate insect damage and fend off disease more effectively.

Most domestic lawns will not survive very well at consistently low cutting heights which will weaken the plant and encourage greater moss and weed growth. Generally most lawns will benefit from being cut at a height of approximately 1” (2.5cms) and even slightly higher when the plant is under stress eg drought or dry conditions.

Frequency does depend upon the time of year and weather conditions. Lawns may be cut throughout the year if the weather permits. A good rule of thumb is to avoid having to cut more than one third of the grass length with each mow.

Changing the direction of cut from time to time will help avoid ‘tram lines’ caused by the mower and also encourage the grass to be more upright.

We would always recommend that the lawn clippings are collected rather than be left on the lawn.