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Turf Being Laid


Seeding and turfing may be used either for laying a new lawn from scratch or for renovating an existing lawn. The latter may be due to localised damage, extending a lawned area, strengthening following scarification or disease and so on.

The debate as to whether to seed or turf is dependent upon a number of considerations such as size of area, cost, time of year, personal preference, speed of result etc. As a rule of thumb we would recommend turfing for a new lawn and seeding for repairs to an existing lawn. If the exercise is to repair an existing lawn it would be helpful to know what turf or seed was used to create the lawn initially so as to ‘match’ the old and the new as best as possible (this is clearly not always possible as the lawn may predate your ownership).

Whether seeding or turfing preparation is key to a successful result. The more time spent on preparation ie rotovating, weeding, levelling, addition of fertile soil, removing stones etc the easier the seeding or turfing will be and the better and longer lasting will be the end result.


  • often cheapest method
  • less heavy work involved in sowing
  • can be done at a time of your choosing as seed wont deteriorate once purchased
  • will always know the seed mix ie types and their relative content


  • all weeds MUST be removed thoroughly
  • normally best time to sow is busy time for other garden activities
  • best time to sow may require irrigation if no rainfall
  • susceptible to predation by birds, drought, weed invasion
  • cannot really be used as a lawn for 12 months or more

Best time to sow is generally late summer/early autumn or mid spring


  • produces results immediately
  • site preparation can be slightly less demanding and thorough
  • can be laid during quiter times in the gardening calendar
  • normally can depend upon some rainfall during best laying times


  • more expensive than seed, especially if going for a high quality turf
  • be careful as to source of turf, see some before you buy
  • once the turf has been delivered it has to be laid quickly

Best time to lay is generally October through to April (avoiding frost and very cold snaps)