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A weed is to most people a plant growing in the wrong place ie where it is not wanted. In the lawn therefore any plant that is not a variety of grass is deemed to be a weed. Weeds will always be a problem at some time or another as the seed will always find a way into your lawn. This may be via bird or animal droppings, borne in by the wind, encroaching from a neighbours lawn or path or simply germinating having lain dormant in the soil for a period of time.

A more detailed explanation as to different types of weed is written under Common Lawn Problems, Weeds.

Weeds can only be treated effectively once they have germinated and started to grow. Different weeds may require different herbicides which may need to be applied at different times in their growing cycles for effective treatment. Key to effective weed control therefore is the ability to identify different weeds and have the knowledge and products to control them successfully.

Regular treatments as part of a lawn care programme carried out by Midlands Lawn Care will help provide effective weed control throughout the year. We have the appropriate knowledge and products to be confident in providing this control.