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A weed is best defined as any plant growing in the wrong place ie where it is not wanted. Even in the most well managed turf weeds will find a way in, be they from seed blown in on the wind, lying dormant in the subsoil, spread from adjoining gardens or brought in via bird/animal droppings


The most effective method of getting rid of weeds is to use a selective herbicide which ideally needs to be applied as a liquid. By selective we mean a product which will ‘select’ the weed to kill whilst not having any adverse effect on the health of the surrounding grass.  At the same time the herbicide ideally needs to be systemic in that it will be absorbed into the weeds root structure and kill off the entire weed plant rather than just burning off the foliage.

There are many types of herbicide available to professionals that will deal with the many different types of weeds and their differing structures and qualities. It is important to be able to identify specific weeds, and have the correct herbicide available, if you wish to be successful in treating them effectively.

Weed controls are best applied when the plant is actively growing and therefore able to take in the herbicide.

Some common lawn weeds such as daisy, buttercup and dandelion can normally be eliminated following a single application of herbicide. Others, generally smaller leafed weeds, such as lesser trefoil, clover and selfheal are more persistent and often require repeat applications. If however the correct herbicide is applied at the correct time(s) the weed will be treated effectively and eliminated.